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Acne break-outs are influenced by both internal and external factors. When one suffers from acne, oil glands are clogged and they get infected. Controlling the appearance of acne takes a few changes in quotidian life; it’s important that someone who has never had problems with pimples or black-heads respects a few simple rules of acne prevention; of course, if someone has had a few pimples or a few black-heads, he or she is advised to be extremely careful because once the acne appears in all its “beauty” it becomes hard to eliminate.

A wise man once said “It is easier to prevent than to treat”; every kid who has broken his leg because he wasn’t careful on the football field, or every parent that has to go through hell watching his child struggling to fight drugs addiction, or every teenage girl confronted with a pregnancy would most likely confirm this quote. The truth is that there are situations when one can not prevent what is about to happen, diseases that can not be detected before obvious symptoms and have a hard time dealing with them.

Fortunately, acne is a skin condition that can be easily observed from its first signs and it is easy to prevent its development; dermatologists have put together some simple rules or advices meant to help teenagers or pregnant women or anyone else predisposed to acne.

Acne prevention consists in small changes; for example, an important factor in acne break-out is diet; eating fast-foods regularly is a big mistake in general, not only if you try to avoid acne; those foods contain high quantities of fat and processed sugar.

In order to have a healthy body, including an acne-free complexion, you have to avoid its intoxication with artificial food and beverages; the healthiest food is formed by fresh fruits and vegetables, low fat aliments and rich fiber diet. So forget about hamburgers, hot-dogs, French fries, huge candy-bars and soda’s; try eating salads, fruits, healthy foods and drinking pure water; you will observe visible results not only in your external aspect but also you will feel a lot better on the inside; try adding to this culinary diet a few daily physical exercises and I can assure you that you will be naturally protected from many other diseases and microbes that will attempt to make you sick. Proprionibacterium acnes is the bacteria that provokes acne; so in order to avoid being infected with it or with any other bacteria you should respect a healthy diet.

To remove excessive oil you should use an astringent; also very important: make-up is something that most likely will provoke acne if it is oily; so try to pay attention to what you are using because the water-based products are OK but to prevent acne oil-free make-up is the best! When shopping for make-up products you should keep in mint that it is advisable to choose non-comedogenic articles.

Of course, even if you will buy the best make-up products that will prevent you from being affected by acne you should know that they will do it if you won’t take them off before going to bed. Not removing the make-up at the end of the day is one of the biggest mistakes teenager girls make. It will affect your skin not only by provoking acne breakouts but also by hurrying the aging process.

Hydrating your body properly will help your skin fight any attack from the acne bacteria, and external factors like impurities that clog your pores. So it is advisable to drink 8 glasses of water a day, and also taking nutritive supplements is a good idea; vitamins like E, A and B5 will be efficient in preventing acne appearance; also don’t forget to take zinc because it is a known fact that this substance cleans damaged tissue; as a matter of fact the zinc is known as a “clean up” enzyme.

These are the main general rules you should keep in mind if you want a healthy skin: proper hygiene (it is absolutely necessary to wash your face al least in the morning and in the evening), healthy diet with low fats and high fiber meals, proper skin hydration and also considering vitamin supplements.
Acne will probably never appear on your skin and you should consider yourself very lucky if this happens; but the statistics are very precise (almost 90% of teenagers suffer from a mild or a severe form of acne). And, as they say, you can never be too careful…

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