Best Acne Treatments Using Essential Oils On Your Skin to Eliminate Acne

Acne is one of the universal problems experienced by most of us at some time during our lives, particularly in our teenage years, the time when most want to ‘look good’ without the complication of acne problems. The disfigurement of the skin is a common problem, and has many causes – it also has many solutions, and here is a guide to the best acne treatments.

There are many pharmaceutical acne treatments available at the high street chemists without the need for a prescription. These tend to work as complete systems, and are supplied with cleansing lotions, application creams and skin treatments that work together to eliminate the acne and to give your skin a healthy and long-lived sheen that is desired in the throes of youth.

Different treatment for different skin

Different skins need different treatments, and if your acne is particularly severe it is recommended that you see a doctor. The doctor may well refer you to a dermatologist, who will assess the state and type of your skin and recommend a suitable – probably prescription – acne treatment for your particular case. The prescription treatments tend to be more powerful than the off the shelf versions, and hence should be used only by those prescribed.

A very popular method of treatment, and one increasingly popular in the 21st century, is based around herbal remedies. This tends to take the form of the application of essential oils, oils that the skin needs to remain healthy, and these are collected and harvested from entirely natural sources, as opposed to the chemical concoctions of the pharmaceutical remedies.

Essential oils

Oils that are used include Tea tree Oil, Rosewood Oil and others, and these – when applied to the skin – have a cleansing effect that not only helps remove the acne, but treats the skin and, with ongoing application, enables the skin to take on a healthier aspect that defeats the acne at its source in future.

Many people may like to take a look ate their diet in order to combat the problem that acne creates. A diet of oil-rich and fatty foodstuffs is often a cause of acne, as the enzymes take hold in the body and come to the fore within the skin, and eliminating such foods from our diet can have a great effect in the treatment of acne, as well as aiding our overall health and fitness.

Cut out the fat and oil

A recommended route is to cut down, on, or cut out, the fatty and oily foods in the diet, and increase the intake of vegetables and fruits, while making sure that a regular intake of fluids – essential; for healthy skin – is part of the daily routine that one follows day in, day out. This way, the skin is kept healthy, and the acne at bay.
Stress has also been found to be an invitation to acne, and it is not surprising that the stress endured when one is affected by acne encourages the problem to become worse.

Make sure you have regular and satisfying sleep, and eliminate any stressful elements of the day that you can. Take time to yourself, relax in a soothing bath, and keep the mind and body, and hence the skin, healthy and acne free.


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