Easy Acne Remedies

Acne affects everybody at some point, for different periods of time and with different symptoms. There are many acne treatments as well, because each individual and his environment are different. So we felt the need to list as many of these acne remedies here, because everyone deserves to be well informed, especially when it’s about their own health.

1. You should follow a cleansing diet, in order to get rid of the impurities in your system. These should be eliminated the natural way, through urine, not to be “pushed up” through your skin.

2. Clean your skin daily. Wash your face not more than twice a day, using a mild soap or a cleanser and dry it with a soft towel.

3. Water is important for your skin, so you should drink about 2 liters. But not the exact quantity is the most important thing here, but that that you know how much is good for you. This may seem weird but try to look at your urine color. If you are healthy, it should be clear. If it is yellow, just drink more water.

4. Do not pop your pimples. You will just push acne bacteria deeper into the pores, which can complicate your skin condition.

5. Your food should be containing high-fiber and low-fat. This way it is less likely to have acne problems.

6. Try to reduce the quantity of sugar, flour and caffeine in your daily diet. In some case, it works.

7. Use a lotion based on benzoyl peroxide to reduce and prevent acne blemishes.

8. Check carefully all your cosmetics, foods and so on for ingredients that you are allergic to. You may mistake a toxic skin reaction with acne, try to cure it with acne treatments and won’t work no matter what; it is actually possible to complicate your condition.

9. Try not to use medications containing iodine or bromides.

10. See a doctor for some vitamins; they will help your body to fight better with the acne bacteria.

11. Avoid using greasy lotions and cosmetics, because they usually contain oils that affect your skin the same way sebum does.

12. If you use to sweat a lot, try to have a clean, soft hanky close to you.

13. Change your sheets and towels regularly, keep them clean, because acne bacteria builds up on them.

This common sense knowledge should help you fight acne, but if you already have it, keep reading!

Home Acne Remedies

Here are some 100% safe to use acne treatments, all natural, and they are so common, that it is impossible that you haven’t heard of them. Yes, they work, at list in most cases.

A common home acne remedy is Tea Tree Oil. It is a good natural acne remedy because it has antimicrobial properties, meaning it kills the acne bacteria, just like many acne treatments on the market, except that it is all natural.

Frankincense oil has been used as an anti inflammatory and scar remover for a long time now. It has the ability to create scar tissues, to replace dead or dying skin cells which feed the acne bacteria and form scars.

Helichrysum is a plant used as a natural acne scars remedy. From this plant it is made oil, that mixes with carrier oil and it is applied on the skin. This is very efficient in treating acne and acne scars, although very expensive.

Lavender oil is known to reduce the amount of sores, pimples and acne blemishes. It is commonly used by alternative medicine professionals as a natural astringent. Lavender oil is an antimicrobial agent that kills acne bacteria before it leads to cystic acne, an advanced, complicated and quite painfully skin condition.

Oils are indeed very efficient in treating acne, but they should not be used when acne is active.

Teenagers are the most affected by hormone levels. Hormone regulators and birth control pills can even up the oil secretions of your skin, but they can also create an imbalance. The reactions are different depending on the individual, so you should ask your doctor before choosing such a medication.

A temporary natural acne treatment for oily skin is clay masks. These masks absorb the extra oil from the skin surface. Dark clay masks absorb more oil, while the lighter-colored ones are gentler and more suitable for a sensitive skin. This is how you choose your mask, not by the color you like, but by your skin type.


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