How Anxiety and Panic Attacks Cause Acne Problems & How to Deal With It

Have you wished that you have fair and radiant skin? If you are showing symptoms of anxiety it is likely that you will run into acne problems. We all know that both anxiety and panic attacks point to stress as its leading cause. This is why it is best to consider addressing the root cause of the problem in order to improve skin condition and make it zit free. Understanding the intricate interplay between anxiety, stress and panic will increase your chances of getting better looking skin, having peace of mind and improved quality of life as side effects.

What’s the link?

There are studies that have linked acne to stress. In fact, it is known that stress and anxiety are leading causes of acne among adults. Acne happens because of the excess levels of stress hormones in the body throws out the balance that can turn the body topsy-turvy. When there are high levels of stress hormones suddenly there is a monkey wrench thrown into the works which can lead to weight gain, increase in blood pressure and a worse case of acne among others. Experts, though, are still divided whether it does create acne or just make the situation worse. One thing is sure stress makes the body create more oil on to the skin which increases the likelihood of breakouts after the pores are clogged by increased amounts of sebum.

How can you tell?

One way to tell that stress is doing the damage is to understand when the breakouts tend to occur. Take a look at stressful situations and notice if there are increased incidents of breakouts. If the breakouts synch with the time that you have been under stress and feeling anxious or having panic attacks then there is a plausible reason to believe that there is a link.

Can acne get worse?

Stress-related acne can get worse not because there would be more breakouts but its association with further chronic anxiety disorders. There are lots of studies conducted leading researchers to believe that acne can cause psychological disorders and not just social anxiety as earlier perceived. Up to 60 percent of acne sufferers have shown signs of anxiety disorders.

Why is it a two-way street?

It seems that stress causes acne and acne can cause stress to happen. We all know how stress can cause acne. However, the negative emotions fueled by the presence of acne actually create further stress and may actually worsen the skin condition. That is why a combination of acne treatment and stress management is a great way to help acne sufferers since it addresses both root causes.

What’s the cure?

Stress is something that can be controlled. Using various stress management techniques, you can check stress and avoid excessive oils from being produced by the body. There are lots of resources available with health professionals on how to reduce stress and at the same time address the acne problem with medication that can be prescribed by your dermatologist.

Is lifestyle to blame?

Lifestyle is a factor in acne problems. When you are over thinking, overeating and not getting enough sleep the risks of getting skin problems increase. It is important to understand what generates stress and address it. You can also reduce the amount of stress you are getting through proper diet and regular exercise. If you are getting smarter on what you are eating and you are getting more active it will not only give you better skin but will also help reduce the stress levels in the body. Start by identifying the things that cause anxiety and stress and work from there. You can always use online tools to figure out if you are suffering from anxiety. From there you can consult a health professional on how you can beat stress on its own game.

Stress affects the body in many ways. Stress kills if there is nothing done to help the body cope with it. It can lead to serious ailments and even cause death. If you are getting anxious about your zit; that could be your cue to know what is happening and finally remedy the situation.


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