Natural Acne Treatments And Recommended Pharmaceutical Remedies Used to Get Rid Acne

Acne is one of the most common ailments and affects a large proportion of the population, but getting rid of acne need not be the problem that many believe it to be.

Acne treatments are widely available – a quick search on the internet will give you an idea of the range of products – and there are different types of treatment, too. Here we look at eth different ways to treat acne, and what you can do every day top help.

From the chemist shop

First, we consider the pharmaceutical remedies that are available at the chemists. The off the shelf treatments generally consist of a cleansing lotion and further such concoctions, designed to remove the acne and then repair the skin after the treatment has been done. These are for relatively simple acne, but if yours is of the more severe variety you may wish to visit your doctor, who will either prescribe for you a stronger treatment or refer you to an expert in skin problems, a dermatologist.

If you do not want to use a chemist-supplied treatment, the current vogue in many health related problems is to look at alternative medicines, namely herbal remedies in this case.

Natural Acne treatments and remedies

Herbal treatments may be viewed by many as wacky and left field, but it is worth remembering that such treatments have been used in the Far East and China for many centuries, and are still considered a major part of eastern medicine today.

For acne treatment the use of essential oils is considered a worthy treatment, these being oils from many different plants the world over that are obtained from natural sources, often harvested by manufacturers for the very purpose of manufacturing herbal remedies.

Popular are Coconut Oil and Rosewood Oil, and Tea Tree Oil – from an eastern exotic tree much revered by the wise men of old – is considered among the best of the essential oil treatments.

Essential oils provide the skin with nutrients that are essential to healthy living, and a healthy skin is important in the fight against acne. There are no side effects associated with the use of essential oils, and the treatments can be beneficial not just for the skin but for other vital organs, too. Essential oils are paramount to healthy living, and healthy living is an important part of the anti-acne regime.

Keep an eye out for fats and oils

This is why your diet has to come into consideration, too, as there are many types of food that are good for the skin, and many that are not.

Vegetables and fruits should make up a good part of your diet, ad the skin is aided by the intake of these foods and the nutrients they exude, and fatty and oily foods need to be considered as the enemy where healthy skin is concerned.

Fatty foods, and those rich in oil, lead to enzymes released in the body that have been proven to be instrumental in the formation of acne, and thus need to be kept to a minimum if you want your skin to remain healthy and acne free.


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