What Are The Best Acne Solutions And Treatments?

Isn’t it annoying seeing yourself one morning with all those red pimples saying hello to you? Have you ever felt frustrated knowing that you have tried almost any acne solutions available in the market but still the problem persists? What’s more annoying about having acne is that one day you’ll see only one and then another day a throng of zits welcomes themselves.

There are said to have a lot of reasons why we faced ourselves with those irritatingly pipsqueak acne. One of the most common reasons why people experience having this pimple crisis is the way they live their lives. As we go on to our habitual routine, we came to a point where we encounter bad timings, which at a certain point ends into a stress.

Now as we all know stress is the usual the obstruction to our body to rejuvenate into its normal state of balance. This internal turmoil, that commence due to stress, oftentimes manifest to our skin, thus, acne appears. Another contributing factor that causes acne is the hormonal imbalances that we, mostly women, experience.

These hormonal imbalances such as pregnancy, menstruation, and the use of birth control pills trigger the glands to turn out into acne. Cheap cosmetics products are another culprit why you can get acne. Those products trap the skin pores which then leads to acne.

So what then is the best acne solution?

Before you even try all the acne solutions available in the market such as creams, exfoliants, and organic acne treatment, you have first to reconsider your diet. Yep. Acne can be caused by your diet. If you go to the Acne Help website, you’ll find a lot more information on the effect of different kinds of diet on acne.

Though your doctor may say that there is indeed no linkage between the acne and your diet, a lot of researchers have proven otherwise. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with changing your diet. As a matter of fact, changing your diet might even provide you other benefits.

Another acne solution that may be effective is releasing all your stress. How do we do that? Simple. There are a lot of ways to diminish your stress. You can go to a massage center or spa and ask for a reflexology massage. Massage does help in releasing all your stress. By eliminating all your stress you’ll have a lesser chance of saying ‘hi’ to acne. Also, massage does not only eliminate stress, but it can also make you healthier inside and out.

Among many acne solutions, the most conventional would have to be a simple cleaning treatment. Most of the time dermatologist will suggest benzoyl peroxide. It has been proven by many that applying benzoyl peroxide diminishes all those zits within a day or two. However, this is not usually the case since there are a lot of skin types and not all skin types are friendly to acne solution such as benzoyl peroxide.

So before you even try to use harmful chemicals, I would have to suggest that you go directly to your dermatologist. They know your skin type and they will definitely give you proper prescription. However, you can also try the other acne solutions that I mentioned above. Changing your diet and releasing your stress are just some of the cheapest way to fight your skin from those frustrating pimple.


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