Hey guys!

Most of the time when I do videos, I aim to give you as much information as possible relating to skincare and acne care. You’re free to pick and choose which tips you use. Lately, I’ve been making a really conscious, deliberate effort to try things to help my skin. I’ve had to think about what I have been doing that may be causing acne, and how I can fix it! It isn’t easy, I’m still learning, but I’m feeling a lot better about the direction I’m heading in.

This video encompasses part of what I’m doing – assessing my life, and looking at my own personal acne triggers. I really hope that the acne triggers I mention in this video flip a few switches for you, so you can start to assess your own lives and figure out what might be setting off your skin too!

I’ve broken this all down into 4 main categories: food, lifestyle, emotional health and skincare/makeup. I suggest you look at what you’re doing in your life according to each of these categories, which will make it easier to understand what could be causing your pimples.


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