What Causes Acne

The acne causes are numerous but there are a few that are very common. Acne is the most frequent skin condition among teenagers and not only; there are many boys and girls that suffer from acne and choose ineffective solutions for this problem.
In their struggle to make those unattractive pimples and blackheads disappear they make mistakes and instead of eliminating them, make them worse. In order to properly treat or prevent acne one must understand it; information is vital in this fight with acne and a doctor’s opinion is always important.
One of the most important causes of acne is the heredity factor; this is something that parents who have had acne in their youth should be careful about; it’s really important that they pay attention to their child mostly when he or she reaches the age of 12-13. They must try to prevent the acne break-out by consulting the doctor.
A very common cause of acne is the improper hygiene; teenagers use to play basketball, football or any kind of sport; they like going dancing and entering in physical competitions. Each one of these things are healthy, recommended activities, but there is a risk that after performing them, that the teens do anything else than to take a shower; and that’s where the problem appears: the sweat and the dirt are combined with the excessive oil on their skin; this inevitably leads to acne appearance on their faces and very possible on their backs or necks.

Adolescence is a very difficult period in someone’s life; it involves many responsibilities. But that’s not all; the physical changes that teenagers have to go through are not always very pleasant and teens become very unsatisfied with their looks. Combined with school and other activities, these problems become very annoying. They lead to stress which becomes one of the main cause of acne.

The following acne cause is something addressed to teenage girls: make-up. Cosmetics play an important role in the skin health. It’s useless to say that they contribute to the aging process because teenage girls won’t care even a little bit; so, for those who choose to wear make-up there are a few tips: try using them in small quantities because covering the skin with a substantial layer of cosmetics will not only have an unpleasant aspect, but it will block the pores. Of course, it’s important to read on the back of the product if it is oily or water-based; you should choose a product that specifies on the label the fact that it is non-comedogenic, which means it doesn’t produce black-heads.

There are acne causes that can be easily tracked and removed, such as drugs. There are drugs that one might use in order to treat a disease and by doing so they provoke acne appearance.

An important cause of acne is related to every one of the above: age, performed activities, drugs etc. The hormones play a big role in acne; teenagers’ glands tend to produce a bigger amount of male hormone (androgens- which are also secreted by girls but in smaller quantity). It destroys the normal hormonal balance in their bodies and this will show in their behaviors and also in their skin aspect.

It is a known fact that young girls receive as an acne treatment a birth-control prescription from their dermatologist even if they haven’t started their sex life yet. This happens because the birth-control pills are based on different quantities of hormones.

Knowing what causes acne is the first step in treating it properly so that you can attack the source of the problem in order to remove the effects. The visible effects (pimples, black-heads) will disappear once you have managed to eliminate the acne causes.


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